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Multipure, Ensure the highest quality drinking water for your health and the health of your family

Ensure the highest quality drinking water for your health
and the health of your family

Highest Rated Under-Counter Filter: Consumer Reports, 2012 & 2013

Guaranteed Lowest Price Available

Multipure Filtration Systems For Health and Great Tasting Drinking Water

Why Choose Multipure:

Multipure Filtration SystemsThe purchase of a high-end, high-quality Solid Block Activated Carbon (SBAC) filtration system is a lifetime investment in your health and the health of your family.  Choose wisely!
Advantages of choosing a high-end  Multipure filtration system over other alternatives include:  

The Multipure MP750SB was the highest rated under-counter filter by Consumer Reports in February, 2012 and in 2013.  The Multipure 750 series was also awarded the Consumer Digest Best Buy over the Aquasana AQ-4000,  Brita AquaView System, Quixtar eSpring, Hydrotech AQ4V,  Kenmore 38460, American Plumberz  WRP-3500, and others.
You will purchase a product that you can trust to significantly reduce harmful contaminants in the water you  and your family will drink and use for cooking for many years.  You will purchase the best-value, most effective system available.
A cheap, $15 - $30 pitcher or  faucet-mount filter with limited effectiveness will actually cost as much or more than a high-end filtration system after a few years because of the relatively low treatment volume and high cost of replacement filters.  So you can eventually pay more for a less effective product as shown in the comparison charts,
A high-end water filtration system is much less expensive than bottled water, much less hassle, and in most cases the quality and taste of the filtered water are just as good or better than bottled water.  You can fill your own 25 oz. water bottle for less than $0.03.

Multipure Responds To AP Report on Drugs in Water
LAS VEGAS, NV, MARCH 10, 2008:
The Water Quality Association (WQA) is backing Point of Use (POU) water filtration systems as the �best protection� for drinking water. In the wake of the recent Associated Press report on the widespread contamination of the nation�s drinking water supplies by pharmaceuticals, the WQA states that �filtering systems in the home provide the highest technology available for treatment of drinking water.� The WQA also adds that �many (POU) technologies have proven effective for some of these emerging contaminants.�The WQA also mentions that activated carbon, the primary component of Multipure�s carbon block filters, has �shown promise in removing many of these contaminants.

However, NSF International, the leading certifying body in the industry, does not have established test protocols for
pharmaceuticals; and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not established allowable limits for any over-the-counter or prescription drugs found in drinking water supplies. Multipure, and all other drinking water treatment manufacturers cannot make any NSF certified claims to remove pharmaceuticals from water.

However, Multipure can assure its customers that they use the industry�s most widely certified filter system on the market, which outperforms all other NSF Certified drinking water systems in terms of contaminant reduction. Multipure has led the industry in introducing new technologies to address emerging  emerging contaminants found in our nation�s water supplies.

The AP report also cites bottled water as not being a safe alternative, as it is often processed and repackaged tap water.
The AP report names reverse osmosis as being effective at removing �virtually all pharmaceutical contaminants,� but does not cite any test data to substantiate this claim.

Since 1970 Multipure International has been an industry leader in high performance drinking water filters for home or office. Multipure is the leading developer of carbon block water filters and was the first manufacturer to gain NSF Std. 53 certification for the reduction of many contaminants such as Lead, PCBs, Arsenic V, and Toxaphene.

Although SBAC filters do not treat all possible drinking water problems, Multipure SBAC filtration systems are an excellent solution for the majority of people who drink municipal water (and many who use water from private wells) and want to ensure that their drinking water is safe and good tasting. Review the list below of the contaminants that Multipure water filters are certified to reduce to see if they will work in your situation.

If your unfiltered water has a salty, metallic or bitter taste or smells like fish or sewage, read this to help understand your options.

Read this description of the Multipure SBAC filter technology.

 Benefits of Multipure SBAC filtration systems
The best certified contaminant reduction of the filtration systems reviewed by NSF International (see below, 
The strongest filter housing (heavy gauge stainless steel for most models).  This sets it apart from the majority of other filtration systems on the market that use plastic filter housings which can crack and leak after a few years of service, or the plastic threads on the filter housings can strip over time as cartridges are replaced.
Among the longest warranties (a lifetime warranty for the housing & 1 year for faucet/hoses).
A company that has been a leader in the manufacture of high-quality SBAC filtration systems since 1970.  Multipure will "be there" when you need to replace your filter cartridge over the next 40+ years.  Multipure still provides cartridges for 40 year-old housings.

My family and I have used the Multipure under-counter MP750SB SBAC filtration system since 1996, and it has provided excellent service, great tasting water, and peace of mind since the day we installed it.
(more information)

Why Multipure History Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Company History:Top
Multipure pioneered the solid block, activated carbon filtration system in 1970. Since then they have continually refined their filters to significantly reduce the widest range of contaminants that a solid block activated carbon filter is capable of treating.
Over the years, Multipure has been the leader in developing filters that meet evolving treatment needs, contaminant concerns and certification standards. For example:
in 2002 Multipure was the first company to have its filters certified to significantly reduce the gasoline additive, MTBE, and the commonly used disinfectant, chloramine. 
In 2003 Multipure was the first company with a filter line (the 880 series) certified to significantly reduce arsenic V. 
In addition, out of all the hundreds of companies manufacturing filters over the years, Multipure SBAC filters have been the first that were certified to significantly reduce lead, asbestos, cysts, toxaphene, chlordane, and PCBs as those standards were developed.   Additional Company Information

Filter Certification:Top
Product Certification enables you, the consumer, to be confident that the advertising materials you read are accurate and that the certified product you purchase will perform as advertised.  NSF International, is an independent organization that has provided certification for a variety of products for many years.
Online NSF International Certifications Directory - Enter "multi" (without the quotes) into the box requesting the manufacturer name then click the 'Search by Manufacturer' button to view the Multipure listings for both Standard 042 (Aesthetic Effects ) and Standard 053 (Health Effects). Scroll down a bit until you see CB6 listed under "Replacement Element".  NSF provides a description of the contaminants reduced by the different Filtration Standards.

As you compare certification contaminant reduction lists for different filtration systems, be aware of a practice I call 'padding the contaminant list' where a company pays to separately certify and list individual Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  If a product is certified for VOC reduction, it is redundant and unnecessary to certify the compounds separately - except to look impressive. 

Why Multipure History Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Contaminant Reduction:Top
The certified list of contaminants significantly reduced by filter cartridges included in Multipure's filtration systems (** at 200 percent of capacity - that's after filtering twice the rated volume of the filter **) is:

 For Standard 042 - Aesthetic contaminants
     - Chlorine Reduction, Class I
        (actual chlorine reduction 99%)
     - Particulate Reduction, Class I
        (actual particulate reduction down to 0.5 micron)
     - Chloramine Reduction
        (actual chloramine reduction greater than 97%)
     - Taste and Odor Reduction

For Standard 053 - Contaminants of health concern and measured percent reduction
     - Arsenic V Reduction 95.8 - 99.9% - for the Aquaperform 880 models
     - Asbestos Reduction >99%
     - Chlordane Reduction >99.8%
     - Cyst Reduction 99.9%
     - Lead Reduction >98%
     - Mercury Reduction >99.3% - (pH 8.5) >91.4 (pH 6.5)
     - MTBE Reduction 96.6%
     - PCB Reduction >98%
     - Radon Reduction >94.9% - for the Aquaversa 750/1200 & Aquadome MPAD 750 models
     - Toxaphene Reduction >93%
     - Turbidity Reduction >99%
     - VOC Reduction (volatile organic chemical) Reduction, including disinfection byproducts.
You will see a long list of specific VOCs (individual percent reduction for the various VOCs can be found on the product certification sheet below, but most are 98-99% or more). Performance Data Sheets for the C6 and CBAD and CD11A3 filter cartridges provide additional detail of the NSF Certification.
For Standard 401 - Emerging Compounds/Incidental Contaminants - new standard in 2014
Emerging Contaminants/Incidental Compounds is an American national standard that verifies the ability of a water treatment device to reduce up to 15 of the emerging contaminants. This list includes some prescription/OTC drugs, new types of herbicides and pesticides and chemicals used as flame retardants and detergents that have been found at trace levels in drinking water.
Multipure 750, 1200 and VOC filter models are certified to reduce all 15 emerging contaminants.
Multipure also manufactures the 880 filter series which was the first activated carbon filter that was certified under ANSI/NSF standard 53 for significant reduction of arsenic V. The contaminant reduction of the 880 series, with the exception of arsenic reduction, is identical to the CB6 filter cartridge described above.  Water treatment chemicals or processes such as chlorine (where there is a free chlorine residual), potassium permanganate, and ozone will change arsenic III to arsenic V.
     - Arsenic (pentavalent As (V); As (+5); arsenate) reduction >99.9% (pH 6.5)
     - Arsenic (pentavalent As (V); As (+5); arsenate) reduction >95.8% (pH 8.5)
       NSF Press Release
The beneficial minerals, Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium are not removed.   This is normally not important from a nutritional perspective, but these minerals contribute to the good, fresh "taste" of water that many people enjoy.

Why Multipure History Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Comparing Filters:Top  

Relative Filter Sizes

Click for a larger (or very large) image

To which filter will you trust your family's health?

Confused about which filter to buy?
Try to find and compare equivalent product rating sheets (that specify the certified percent reduction of the  contaminants of interest as described above) for other systems you might be interested in evaluating.  Be skeptical and cautious if you can't locate that information for a filtration system.

Two companies might claim reduction of a particular contaminant. The statements might be true, but one filter might reduce the contaminant level by 99% and the other might only reduce it by 75% or less - or be certified for 100 gallons instead of 1,200.
Another important filter characteristic to consider (and compare among different products) is the amount of the filter media (the activated carbon) contained in the filter cartridge, the way it is manufactured, and the resulting pore size.
A Multipure filter cartridge weighs 31 oz, contains 70.6 cubic inches of highly compressed (solid block) activated carbon, and has a pore size of 0.5 micron.
A common faucet mount SBAC filter cartridge, by comparison, weighs 4.5 oz., contains about 7.5 cubic inches of activated carbon, and has a pore size of 1.0 micron. The most popular granular activated carbon (GAC) pitcher cartridge weighs 4 oz, contains granules of filtration media that are about 0.2 mm to 1 mm in diameter, and has pore sizes of perhaps about 30 to 50 microns.  View the Size Comparison Chart
If you look at certification lists for filters from a number of manufacturers you will see examples of a marketing game" played by some companies I call "padding the contaminant list". The "game" is played by paying NSF to test for (and list) specific contaminants that are already covered by a company's certification for Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) removal. A company can display a long list of contaminants and look very impressive until you realize that many of them are double-listed. You can take a look at an example where one company lists 28 individual contaminants, 19 of which are duplicated in the VOC list, while Multipure lists 11 contaminants, none of which are duplicated in the VOC list:
A high-end filtration system is designed to provide decades of trouble-free service, so the purchase of a high-end filtration system is a one-time expense that will provide many years of pure drinking water with minimal ongoing costs. Although a Multipure filtration system has a moderately high initial cost, the yearly ongoing operating costs for most people is only $70 (under $6 a month).  Consequently, when you compare the cost of treating drinking water over a few years, the total costs of a high-end filtration system is frequently much lower than the cost of low-end filters that have a much lower initial cost, but higher cartridge replacement costs (for the amount of water treated). This link will enable you to compare the long-term cost of various types of water treatment options based on the amount of water you use (or plan to use) per week.
Filter effectiveness depends on contact time with, and proximity to, the filtration medium. A large SBAC filter will be much more effective in reducing contaminants than a small SBAC filter at the same flow rate (because water takes longer to move through a larger filter). Any SBAC filter forces all the water into close contact with the activated carbon (because of the small, uniform pore size) and will be much more effective than an equivalent size GAC filter.
Why Multipure History Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Multipure Filter Models - I offer the lowest prices available from Multipure. Top

Details of the order process are outlined below.     Please use my distributor number, 240482, when ordering.

 750 - Aquaversa info
 880 - Aquaperform
Housing ~


Meter @
Capacity *
Use +
 MP750SB HGSS  Under Counter No No CB6 750 gallons 14 gal


 MP750SC HGSS  Counter Top No No CB6 750 gallons 14 gal


 MP750SI HGSS  In-Line%  No No CB6 750 gallons 14 gal


 MP1200EL@ HGSS  Under Counter Yes No CB6 1200 gallons 23 gal


 Aaquadome Plastic  Counter Top No No CB6 750 gallons 14 gal


 MP880SB -- HGSS  Under Counter No Yes CB11As 600 gallons 11 gal


 MP880SC -- HGSS  Counter Top No Yes CB11As 600 gallons 11 gal


 MP880SI -- HGSS  In-Line%  No Yes CB11As 600 gallons 11 gal


 MP880EL -- @ HGSS  Under Counter Yes Yes CB11As 960 gallons 18 gal


 Aquamini SS  Counter Top No No CB6MINI 250 gallons 4.8 gal $169.95

   Reverse osmosis system uses a MP750SB as the post filter (Zero-Waste Kit $200)


The Multipure Drinking Water Systems Store and Filter Documentation page provide additional information.

^ Anyone can order 25 oz. custom stainless steel water bottles for $5 per bottle - details here
~   HGSS - Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel Housing  |  SS - Stainless Steel Housing
*   Approximate filter capacity.  Heavily contaminated water will saturate/plug the filter more quickly.
(Treatment claims for NSF certified products cannot exceed 50% of the actual tested capacity. If the system includes a capacity meter, the claim can be 80% of the tested capacity.)
+ Average weekly water use based on a cartridge replacement every year.  If your water use exceeds that amount, you would just order a cartridge more often.
% In-Line Filter - (no faucet or water dispenser) Perfect for ice makers, coffee machines, etc.  An optional cold-water hookup kit is available for in-line filters if needed.
# Listed retail prices are in U.S. dollars and do not include shipping or state and local sales taxes where applicable.  Retail prices may change before they are updated here - check the current price of systems by following the provided links.
@ Capacity Monitor: In most cases a capacity monitor is not needed.  Without a capacity monitor, a filter's certified capacity can be listed at 50% of the actual tested volume - this allows for considerable uncertainty in calculating the amount of filtered water used.  With a capacity monitor there is less guessing, and capacity can be listed at 80% of the actual tested volume.  The standard Multipure C6 filter cartridge, for example, has been certified to treat 1,200 gallons of water with a capacity monitor and 750 gallons without (that's 23 - 14 gallons per week average).  Activated carbon filter cartridges, however, do not just fail after a specific amount of water has been treated.  They gradually lose their effectiveness over months, so normally there is no great urgency to change a filter cartridge at a specific moment in time.  Multipure (and most filter companies) also recommend that filter cartridges be changed at least every year so the user doesn't eventually forget the cartridge does need regular changing.  So, if you know the volume of water your filter cartridge has been certified to treat, and you have a rough idea of how much filtered water you are using, you can easily determine approximately how often you will need to change your filter without spending extra on a capacity monitor.
-- Arsenic Reduction: If you are on municipal water it is unlikely you will need the arsenic reduction capability (and extra expense) of the 880 series, since arsenic levels are closely regulated.  If you have any concerns, however, check your annual water quality report or have regular arsenic tests performed if you have a private well.
The current cost of replacement cartridges (on-line order) is $69.95 for the CB6, and $124.95 for the CB11As.  These costs do not include shipping and sales tax.
The capacity of the replacement filter cartridge for the stainless steel models is sufficient for many households for about a year (11 - 23 gallons per week average, depending on the model).
If you use more gallons of filtered water than the rated capacity in a year, you would simply change the replacement filter more frequently.  The under-counter units have a separate water tap that delivers about 0.75 gallon of filtered water per minute.
Note: Multipure only ships to locations in the US and Canada.  If you live elsewhere please contact Multipure Headquarters directly

Why Multipure History Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Break the Disposable Bottled Water HabitTop 
Fill Your Own At HomeTo encourage breaking the disposable bottled water habit I am offering 25 oz. custom stainless steel water bottles -- a $17 value -- for only $5.00 (+ tax) per bottle - with or without ordering a water filter.  The cost includes shipping to continental U.S addresses (request a quote for shipping elsewhere).

If you have read the Bottled Water section of my website, you know I believe that water sold in disposable plastic bottles is, in most circumstances, a complete waste of your money and natural resources - a triumph of marketing propaganda over common sense.
For less than $0.03 you can Fill Your Your Own At Home refillable water bottle and enjoy Multipure-filtered water during your daily travels.  Read more here.
Secure Ordering Through PayPal

Multipure's Special Offers
When you place your order, always ask if there is a special offer available!  Special offers usually require a S/H fee of $10.

October 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016
Multipure is offering a FREE Water Emergency Treatment (WET) System for just the cost of shipping to customers who purchase a Multipure Drinking Water System or Drinking Water System Starter Kit at regular price!*

Promo code: SA912PROMO
Free WET System plus $13.00 S/H fee (enter above promo code at the checkout screen) 

Specials are not automatic.  You must request them at the time of purchase.  Special Offers may be discontinued or modified at any time.  Verify all specials, prices & availability before ordering.

Why Multipure History Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Summary of Multipure SBAC Filter Characteristics:Top
1) Highest Rated under sink filtration system by Consumer Reports, for 2012 and 2013.
2) Low yearly replacement cartridge costs (typically $70 per year - for the MP750 series).
3) Multipure was a pioneer in SBAC filtration systems and has over 40 years of innovative experience in the field.
4) Filters are NSF certified to significantly reduce the most contaminants of a carbon filtration system.
5) Strongest filter housing in the market with a lifetime warranty.
6) Has nearly 2 pounds of activated carbon compressed into a uniform block with 0.5 micron pores.
7) Simple maintenance - most people will replace a single cartridge once a year.
8) Filtered water from the under-counter systems is dispensed through a separate tap, as you need it, at about 0.75 gallons per minute. You will have a virtually unlimited supply of refreshing, sparkling-clean water for drinking, preparing beverages and food, making ice, watering pets, etc. for just a few cents per gallon, year after year! Counter-top filters provide the same high-quality water in situations where under-counter systems are impractical.
9) No electricity is required.  In an emergency situation where electricity is not working and/or water no longer flows through the home plumbing, the system can be disconnected from the supply line and water can be cleaned using gravity to siphon water through the filter.
10) An optional ' T ' is available that allows an under-counter Multipure filter to be connected to the hose that supplies a refrigerator water dispenser and/or ice maker in addition to the separate water tap at the sink.

Why Multipure Historyy Certification Effectiveness Comparison Models & Prices Summary Order

Ordering Information: Top
Multipure Filtration Systems For Health and Great Tasting Drinking WaterOrder any filtration system by calling the Multipure order department, 800-622-9208 or online.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Randy at (303) 507-7611 or e-mail me at:
If you do not see an e-mail address above, type in

I guarantee the lowest prices available from Multipure. 

You may also order Custom 25 oz. Fill Your Own At Home Stainless Steel Water Bottles, a $14 value, for only $5 each shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.

If your untreated drinking water has a salty or metallic taste or smells really funky please read this information before ordering a Multipure Solid Block Activated Carbon filtration system - you may need a RO system.

If you are considering ordering a capacity monitor or
the arsenic reduction Aquaperform, please read this information.
Order By Phone:
1) Call the Multipure Order Department, 800-622-9208.
Hours of operation: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (except for certain major holidays)
2) Ask the representative to explain any current promotional offers.
3)  Provide the representative with my distributor number, 240482.
4)  Provide your contact and shipping information to the Multipure representative.
5)  Provide information about the filtration system you wish to order, the faucet type (if it's an under-counter system), and an ice-maker ' T ' if needed.  Review model information here.
6)  The custom Fill Your Own At Home water bottles are offered by me - and NOT by Multipure
Please note: After ordering your FYOAH bottle(s), please confirm your order and shipping information by e-mail to,
Order Online:
1) Visit the Multipure  Order Page
2) Click the 'add to cart' button for the system you would like to order.
3)  If you are ordering an under-counter filtration system select a standard or designer faucet.
4)  Enter your zip code and destination information then click the 'checkout' button.
5)  Enter my name and distributor number (Randy Johnson - 240482) in the "Distributor Name or ID#" box.
6)  Complete the Billing, Shipping and Payment sections and click the 'submit order' button.
7)  The custom Fill Your Own At Home water bottles are offered by me - and NOT by Multipure.
Please note:
After ordering your FYOAH bottle(s) please confirm your order and shipping address by e-mail to, 
If you know others who are concerned about their drinking water quality, you can easily become a distributor of the most effective drinking water filtration system on the market, introduce others to Multipure, and earn a commission for each drinking water system sold and future cartridge replacements.  If you are interested, please contact me by phone or e-mail to discuss this opportunity.  Also, if you are interested in purchasing more than one filtration system, it may make economic sense to purchase one filter, sign up as a distributor, and purchase additional units from yourself - I'll help with the numbers.
Multipure offers a 12 month, no-interest payment plan with a reasonable down payment.  For example, the down payment for the MP750SB would be $100.  After the down payment, the 12 monthly payments would be about $22 each.  Contact me at the above e-mail address or phone number for details.

Multipure filtration systems ordered with a credit card usually arrive within 2 weeks of placing the order.

Note: Multipure only ships to locations in the US and Canada.  If you live elsewhere please visit the Multipure International Sales site

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